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Law Office Raimo E.J. Kantola was originally established in 1952.
The current owner of the company, Raimo E.J. Kantola, Attorney-at-Law, started with the company as a partner in 1972. Since 1993, the
company has also had activities in Russia especially in Saint
Petersburg and Moscow areas.

During the past 20 years our law office has taken care of an increasing number of assignments relating to Russia from both private persons
and enterprises, and both in Finland and in Russia. We are proud of
our network of international contacts with Attorneys at law offices in Russia, USA and Europe.

Since autumn 1972 our office has had more than 14,000 registered assignments, the nature and scope of which cover all aspects of life
of both private persons and enterprises.

In business assignments our office has more than 40 years’
experience of establishing companies and solving juridical and
business questions on all stages of those companies development including liquidation and bankruptcy.

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